Terms of Use

To the hirer. Please inform all your guests using the club car park MUST pay their appropriate fees to cover the length of stay.

  • No 18th birthday party’s

  • Only drinks purchased from the club bar to be consumed

  • No selotape or drawing pins to be applied to any surface

  • Bluetac only to be used on glazed surfaces

  • Hanging decorations are only to be permitted to be hung from the hooks provided around the dance floor

  • No naked flames (candles etc.)

  • Fire exits are only to be used in an emergency

  • No underage drinking of alcohol

  • No smoking (including e-cigarettes)

  • No fixtures or fittings to be removed without consent from the secretary

  • No pets in the hall or lounge bar

  • Abuse to bar staff/or any club member will not be tolerated

  • Violation of any of these rules may result with the event being cancelled/shut down

  • You must clear away all your decorations and clean the kitchen – if used before closing.

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